Teraco Hosting Space

Shared space in Teraco Data Centre

Need some space in Teraco Data Centre? Need to put a server or router in Teraco? Gironet has shared hosting space in Teraco available. From 1u upward Gironet can provide you the space and connectivity you require.

Gironet has redundant high speed connectivity to ISP’s, fibre providers and NAPAfrica, the content provider of choice in Africa enabling us to provide state-of-the-art hosting and connectivity services to Service Providers, hosting companies or businesses that require a presence in Teraco DC.

This cost effective solution allows you to:

  • Host a server, router (or more) in Teraco DC at a fraction of the normal costs
  • Dedicated public IP address
  • Direct interconnect to other ISP’s
  • Direct interconnect to other companies (Microsoft / Amazon etc)
  • Direct Interconnect to NAPAfrica
  • Build your own network between branch offices connecting via other wireless and fibre ISP’s.

Pricing is based on the requires space and connectivity requirements.

Space Available: Yes