Internet Access

At Gironet we offer a wide range internet package options with different forms of connectivity. Big or small, we have a wide range of internet access solutions to get you online at a price that will suit your needs and pocket.

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We have various High-speed Internet packages to suit your needs and budget. Our residential packages include low contention ratios and super fast access speeds.

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Gironet provides High-Speed Internet Solutions that will suit your budget. We offer low, or even no contention, on some packages ensuring that you enjoy uninterrupted internet access.

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The fastest and most reliable form of data transfer and internet currently available to customers.
We have options for both business and home.

Safe Internet Services

Introducing the Gironet FamilySafe and BusinessSafe Service Options as a Value-Add on your Internet Service Package.

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For more information on how you can protect the users on your network, click here