Fibre Internet

Fibre differs from ADSL greatly as, instead of using copper cables to carry data, Fibre harnesses the speed of light and transfers the data via glass cabling. This, therefore, makes it the fastest and most reliable form of data transfer and internet currently available to customers.
  • A fibre optic cable is able to handle a much larger volume of data than a copper cable
  • The signal strength is less likely to fail and speeds are maintained over greater distances. Data can travel up to 50 km to/from an exchange before any form of degradation in speed takes place
  • Adverse weather condition does not affect fibre as glass cannot conduct electricity, so electrical storms, for instance, will cause less interference on the lines
  • A far more stable connection is insured with fibre with lower latency
  • The cost of fibre is equivalent to ADSL copper, but it is much easier to maintain
  • You do not need a landline for fibre
  • With the constant evolution of technology, fibre will not easily become redundant
  • There are capped and uncapped options for you to choose from.

What Kind of Fibre Do You Need?

Home Fibre

Homes are depending on the internet more and more these days. Whether you subscribe to Netflix, are an ardent gamer, work from home, or simply use the internet for research or social media, fibre allows you the ease of access! Not only can multiple devices access at the same time, but streaming can become effortless and swift. No more buffering and painful lag times while the family upload their latest selfies!

You have the power to decide what your package and speed will be, whether you need capped or uncapped and just how much you need to keep the whole family happy!

We offer a fully managed service, where you place your order with us and we do everything from start to finish.

Business Fibre

On-the-go business!

Slow internet lines will be the death of any business, and you simply cannot spend time waiting for a connection quick enough to download that vital yet sizeable document. With fibre, you are guaranteed a connection speed that you ordered and are paying for, each day, every day. End the internet connection frustrations now with fibre!


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