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Go Gironet!

From High Speed Internet access to Custom solutions

At Gironet, we go the extra mile to fulfill your connectivity needs from basic Internet access over either Wireless or Fibre infrastructure and Voice line provision to multi-site VPN networks. Tell us what you need and we’ll come up with a plan.


We have various High-speed wireless internet access packages to suit your needs and budget. Our residential packages include low contention ratios and super fast access speeds.

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Gironet provides High Speed Internet access that will suit your budget. We offer low, or even no contention, on some packages ensuring that you enjoy uninterrupted
internet access

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The fastest and most reliable form of data transfer and internet currently available to customers.

We have options for both business and home.

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Need to connect two remote sites as if they are physically connected? Gironet can leverage off existing infrastructure to connect different sites together at high speed.



We can help with your project & visions. Light up the whole complex to provide internet access? CCTV monitoring? We have the infrastructure and expertise you need.


Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to all our clients

No matter how big or small, we all have a need to be connected to the world around us. Whether you just want to send and receive a few emails a day, would like to be able to stream hours of entertainment, climb to the top of the ranks for your favourite game or close that critical business deal over a perfectly smooth video conference with a global partner, we will be there to make it happen!

Passionate about what we do

We love challenges, we love ideas, we love to build.

Effective solutions

We provide solutions that is functional and cost effective.

helping to build business

Many clients rely on us, we know that and earn their trust

Fast and Accurate Support

Our world-class support sets us apart.